FORGHANI NEGOTIATIONS is a consultancy firm operating worldwide specialising in carrying out business negotiations and negotiation consultancy.
Wherever there are contact points in business or politics there is a need for negotiation consultancy. These include negotiations concerning in-house power positionings, sales negotiations with customers, purchasing negotiations with suppliers, negotiating with investors, partner companies, competitors, government departments or M&A negotiations.
Successful negotiations is both an art  and a game. A profound knowledge of psychological expertise and know-how in the field of behaviourial science are essential to create win-win situations and at the same time achieve one's own interests sustainably.

Having a ghost/shadow negotiator in the background (not visible to the other side involved) or a visible negotiator acting as chief negotiator is advisable if the forthcoming negotiations are of particular importance, or equally if the negotiation has reached a high level of complexity or a crisis situation.