The founder and owner of FORGHANI NEGOTIATIONS is Foad Forghani. As an international negotiation expert and Ghost/Shadow Negotiator he advises German and international companies and instituations in preparing for and implementing demanding and complex negotiations. He has gained negotiation experience from extremely sensitive situations. In addition, he has assisted companies in cases involving kidnappings and extortion and has also supported government authorities in political negotiations.
Forghani has provided insight into the unique role of a ghost/shadow negotiator with articles and interviews published in reputable media and appearances on variuos broadcasting stations. His clients include well-known companies from various sectors.

Foad Forghani took a postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, among other fields specialising in negotiation management, from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh.

Because of his experience in extremely delicate cases, he is called upon for his expertise in exceptional and particularly difficult negotiations.

Ghost/Shadow Negotiator  

As a ghost/shadow negotiator we operate behind the scenes. This means that the other party does not know that you are receiving professional negotiation advice and support. We guide you through all phases of negotiation, equipping you with negotiation strategies and tactics, arming you with the relevant steps of action arguments thereby ensuring the best possible outcome.

Negotiation Management

On request, we will carry out the negotiation in its entirety and represent your postions and interests to the other party involved in negotiatons. We work out a detailed strategy plan in advance taking tactical issues of negotiation into consideration. In contrast to ghost/shadow negotiation, in the case of negotiation management we act openly on your authority to manage the negotiations with the other party.

Lectures | Presentations

Presentations and speeches on the subject of negotiation management, ghost/shadow negotiation and on significant economic and political events from the perspective of a negotiation professional.



Seminars on the subject of negotiation management, negotiation in extremely sensitive situations and the psychology of negotiation.

Portfolio of clients:

* For reason of confidentiality, sometimes job titles are published instead of names.


Foad Forghani